Selling your home is a complex journey with thousands of decisions to be made along the way. Guidance you can count on is essential to sell your home for the right price, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of hassles.


The Purpose of our Initial Meeting

  • Get to know you better
  • Answer all your questions
  • Ask you for important information
  • Share current market information
  • Present our marketing plan
  • Determine how we can work together

Important Questions

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your house:

  • What drew you to this home when you bought it?
  • What is your favorite feature of this house?
  • What do you like about your neighborhood?
  • What are some nearby amenities, such as restaurants or shopping?
  • What don’t you like about it?
  • Why are you moving?
  • How soon do you need to move?
  • Is price or timing more important?
  • What are you looking for from your broker?
  • Do you anticipate major challenges in selling your home?
  • What will you do if your home doesn’t sell?

Items to Have Ready When We Meet

  • A copy of any prior appraisal available, particularly the measurement page to accurately determine the square footage of your home. If you don’t have this available and county records doesn’t seem accurate, we may have our appraiser professionally measure it.
  • A copy of a survey available if you have one. This should be in your paperwork from when you purchased the home. This may also be called an Improvement Location Certificate or survey plat.
  • Two sets of keys ready. One set will be inserted in the lockbox; the other set will be kept at the Bridge Team’s office in case there is ever a problem with the first set or the keys accidentally get locked inside the home.
  • The name and contact information for your management company (if your home is subject to a homeowner’s association)

Our Services

I’m here to guide and advise you through the process. We’re a team of 4 licensed agents, working together for the same price as many charge for only one or two. We will:​

  • Prepare a comparative market analysis.
  • Manage the listing preparation.
  • Present all offers to you.
  • Facilitate negotiations.
  • Monitor progress – ensure everything is on track.
  • Inform you of obstacles that may threaten a closing.
  • Monitor the buyer’s loan approval.
  • Be present at closing to ensure a successful transaction.

The Preparation Process

Our overall strategic plan to help you obtain the highest possible selling price for your home:

  • Assist with staging. If your home is occupied, the Bridge Team will provide a staging consult at no charge to you. If your home will be vacant at the time of sale, the Bridge Team will provide a bid for staging. We offer the option for you to pay the staging fee from your proceeds at closing. We will discuss with you the pros and cons of staging and help you determine what will bring you the highest price.
  • Present a list of suggested cosmetic repairs, if necessary, and help you obtain bids for those items from reputable contractors.
  • Oversee and coordinate the preparatory repairs.
  • Take professional photos for marketing purposes.
  • Share your home with our office and our extensive network of other Realtors.
  • Enter your home in the local multiple listing service.
  • Advertise your home to ensure the greatest exposure to buyers.
  • Prep and explain the SPD and other supplemental documents required for the sale.

The Marketing Plan

Make Your Home Look Its Best

  • Hire a professional photographer to take magazine-quality photos and drone footage if appropriate
  • Create custom property brochures

Create Buzz

  • Share in the MLS as a ‘Coming Soon’ listing to the real estate community (if desired)
    Prepare for an Open House (if desired)

Achieve Maximum Exposure

  • Syndicate your listing to a wide range of websites, including Zillow, Trulia,, REColorado, Next Door, Denver Post, RE/MAX, and more!
  • Share and boost a custom post about your property through our social media accounts
  • Broadcast a custom Eflyer to all Denver metro area brokers
  • Mail out a Just Listed postcard to a strategic audience
  • Include your home in the Bridge Team’s monthly emailed Insights Newsletter

While You Are on the Market

  • Coordinate showings through our showing service. You will be notified of all scheduled showings and you will receive agent feedback by email, as provided.
  • Prepare a periodic market analysis update of any activity in your neighborhood (i.e.: new homes on the market, homes that have sold etc) to keep you informed about key market conditions within your area.
  • Provide Open Houses with a licensed Realtor at your request. Note: our tracking shows that about 1 out of 200 homes sells at an open house.
  • Handle paperwork if price adjustment is needed. Call agents who have shown the home and let them know about the price adjustment. Follow up with an e-mail notification to all agents who have shown your home and again to the entire database of showing agents.
  • Track all home showings and previews to keep record of activity and potential purchasers. If agents do not respond to three email attempts, Shelley will call personally. Note: We make 4 attempts to contact each agent, but we rarely get 100% response.
  • When an offer is received, discuss with the buyer’s agent the qualifications of prospective buyers to help determine buyer motivation, ability to purchase and probability of closing on the sale. Further, we will use our 40+ years of negotiating experience to obtain the highest price and best terms for you and your situation.

When You Are Under Contract

Prepare a Net Proceeds Worksheet to show seller expenses, closing costs and net proceeds.

Our experienced Team Manager will track entire closing process making sure that all dates are met and all paperwork is in order. They will coordinate with you when scheduling the inspection, appraisal, final walkthrough, and closing time and location.

Schedule appraisal and provide the appraiser with comparable sales and any other information that will help support the highest appraised price possible.

Coordinate and review with you any buyer requested inspection items. Obtain bids for any work that buyers may request so you can make an informed decision based on facts. Get competitive bids and schedule the work to be done if required.

Note: We have a list of reliable contractors that we have worked with on a regular basic. They are very quick and reasonable,

Arrange possession and transfer of home (keys, warranties, garage door openers, community pool keys, mail box keys, educate new owners of garbage days/recycling, mail procedures etc.).

Help you relocate locally, or out-of-area with highly experienced RE/MAX agents across the globe – you are sure to have the highest quality agent to help you on both sides of your move to make it worry and stress free.

  • Track all home showings and previews to keep record of activity and potential purchasers. If agents do not respond to three email attempts, Shelley will call personally. Note: We make 4 attempts to contact each agent, but we rarely get 100% response.
  • When an offer is received, discuss with the buyer’s agent the qualifications of prospective buyers to help determine buyer motivation, ability to purchase and probability of closing on the sale. Further, we will use our 40+ years of negotiating experience to obtain the highest price and best terms for you and your situation.

Why RE/MAX of Cherry Creek

Expertise Throughout Denver…and Beyond. While our roots and history are in Cherry Creek, our networks and expertise extend all over Colorado. We live in cities, towns, and neighborhoods throughout the metro area and across the state, from as far west as Summit County, to southern cities like Castle Rock, and to city neighborhoods such as Park Hill, Potter Highlands, Cory-Merrill, and Sloan’s Lake. When you work with me, feel confident that our brokerage’s knowledge and connections extend far beyond our home in Cherry Creek.


  • Extensive brand recognition, which attracts people to your home
  • Powerful tools for marketing your home
  • Vast exposure in the local area and beyond
  • Resources and instruction for preparing your home for sale

Statistically, RE/MAX brokers sell more homes than anyone in the US, and they average more than twice as many residential transaction sides per broker as all competitors.

Simply put, nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.



  • Founded in 1981
  • Co-owned by the brokers who work here
  • Our team averages more than 17 years of real estate experience
  • Our firm is consistently one of the top producing offices in metro Denver


  • We keep up-to-date on all contract revisions put in place by the Colorado Real Estate Commission
  • We use in-house training programs to remain well versed on new technologies and a multitude of developments in the title and lender industry


  • We support Denver charities to make a positive impact on our communities.
  • We are designated as a Miracle Office, which recognizes our significant contributions to the Children’s Miracle Network®

RMCC Proven Success in the Market

These stats show just how well our RE/MAX of Cherry Creek brokers can navigate the Denver market and help our clients achieve success. We are experienced, thoughtful, and honest professionals who work hard for our clients, resulting in proven success year after year.

About The Bridge Team

If you are buying or selling your first home or are a seasoned investor, finding the right agent can be the difference between a successful transaction and one that is stressful. When you hire the Bridge Team you have 24 hour access to licensed representation. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure your best interests are at the forefront of every decision that is made. The goal of keeping clients for life hold us to a higher standard than is commonly found in the real estate industry.

shelley bridge headshot

Shelley Bridge

Shelley Bridge brings her 40+ years of experience to both the buying and selling sides of the real estate business. When it comes to questions about market conditions, negotiating, title insurance or mortgage problems Shelley has seen most things before and if she hasn’t, she probably knows where to get the reliable answers her clients need to make good decisions. Starting her career in 1981, she has worked in both strong buyer’s markets and strong seller’s markets and knows what it takes to make transactions happen in both types of markets.

Shelley also understands the unique way homes are sold compared to other types of products. According to the multiple listing service, 97% of all real estate sales are co-op sales. This means that different brokers will represent the buyer and seller. Thus, Shelley knows that by maintaining a spotless reputation by treating her competitors with honesty and respect is vital to her business. Her fellow Realtors will want to sell her listings and will accept offers from her buyers.

Shelley is hard working and patient. She learned to work hard growing up in Iowa where work ethic was highly valued and as the child of depression era parents. She learned patience prior to entering real estate by working as a Physical Therapist. She graduated from the Mayo Clinic School of Physical Therapy and spent seven years at Craig Hospital treating spinal cord injury and head injury patients.

pam tomlinson headshot

Pam Tomlinson

Pam is a Colorado native. She first practiced Real Estate in Virginia in 1989. Pam continued in real estate during another relocation, to Illinois, before returning to Colorado in 1998 to raise a family. For 15 years, Pam used her business skills to follow her passion for garden design and owned and operated her own landscape design company. Pam updated her licensure in 2011 and joined the Bridge Team in 2012. She shares a similar value system of hard work, professionalism, integrity and exceptional customer service.

Pam truly enjoys applying her creative energy and vision to help Buyers see how they can create future value in their homes and showing Sellers how they can get the most money for their homes in the least amount of time. She tours property on a regular basis and keeps a close eye on the ever changing market. Pam is an expert negotiator and relentless when it comes to getting an offer accepted. She attends inspections, negotiates inspection concerns and keeps in close contact with the Buyer’s lender through closing to ensure earnest money is protected and closing date is met without issue.

alex brachfeld headshot

Alex Brachfeld

Alex studied Geography at UCLA and spent some time living in Los Angeles following his degree completion. Prior to his career in Real Estate, Alex worked in home efficiency and was on track to become a certified Building Performance Analyst by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). In 2015, Alex returned to Denver at which time he received his Real Estate license and officially joined The Bridge Team. Alex merged his education in spatial analytics, building performance, and small business administration and marketing, to the benefit of The Bridge Team and their clients. Just like his mom Shelley, Alex closely monitors market statistics and conditions and is a self-proclaimed analytical who loves to dig into the data, help clients understand the numbers, and strategize how to capitalize on the market conditions to best meet their goals. He has proven himself to be a trusted resource for the Bridge Team and their clients.

On the listing side of the business, Alex works alongside Shelley and Katy to help sellers get their homes prepared for sale. This includes contractor coordination and management of the details to ensure our sellers will get the best possible results. Alex also works with buyers and prides himself on being an exceptional agent in that capacity. Whether it takes looking at 10 or 100 homes, he loves the challenge of helping clients identify and secure the “right one” for their unique set of circumstances. Alex helps clients navigate the details of the home buying process from start to finish, and looks forward to helping them strategize the best time to buy-and/or sell in the future.

Alex was born and raised in Denver. You’re likely to find him spending free time with friends, family, and his girlfriend Alex (yes they are both named Alex…). They’re often out walking Mario – their rescue pup, enjoying a local establishment, rooting for local sports teams, playing soccer with friends, and taking in the local music scene.

katy ayers headshot

Katy Ayers

Katy joined the Bridge Team in 2004 and has been licensed since 2010. As the team’s Operations Manager, Katy keeps an eye on every aspect of the Bridge Team’s day-to-day operations. She works closely with Shelley, Pam and Alex to ensure each transaction goes smoothly. Katy’s primary responsibility on the listing side of the business is to work directly with sellers behind the scenes to prepare for sale and navigate the paperwork required. She will walk thru a property and make staging suggestions or coordinate a meeting with the stager (if furniture rental is necessary), coordinate with contractors for any projects that need to be completed prior to entry into the MLS, install a lock box, take notes and measurements for marketing materials, coordinate the photographer, review showing instructions and input property information into the MLS. As a licensed team member, Katy can show homes, prepare contract materials and address most questions and concerns on both the Buying andSelling sides of the business, as well. During the Under Contract period, Katy will track all dates, get bids for requests a buyer makes after inspection, schedule the work as agreed and coordinate the closing.
Katy is a Denver native and a Colorado State University Alum. She enjoys time outside of the office with her husband and three children and her 3 dogs, a cat and a bunny, and her large extended family.

“We worked with Shelley and the Bridge team twice so far, once on the buying side and recently on the selling side. We appreciated the excellent team work, professionalism, and attention to details demonstrated by all, Shelley, Katy, Pam, and Alex! They each play unique roles, but are well coordinated and efficient!
They also are very pleasant to work with. Buying and selling property is stressful, but this team helps to smooth the rough patches, and make the process as seamless as possible. I appreciate the years of experience this team brings to the table, and counted on them for their valued advice.

A special moment during the process that meant so much and demonstrated their care about my well-being, was when they brought a meal during the rigorous packing day- I can’t say enough about how special that made us feel! I would highly recommend the Bridge Team, and will look to them again for future needs!”

Keep in Touch

Selling your home is a big deal and we take the task very seriously. The fact that you have considered us to help you accomplish this means the world to us.  We look forward to working with you!

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Alex Brachfeld
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Katy Ayers
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